Punctal Plugs

UltraPlug Punctal Plugs offer long-term relieves dry eye symptoms and enable the eye to maintain more of its own natural tears. Available in both permanent and extended-wear, absorbable options, our plugs are designed to deliver the optimal balance of performance and patient comfort.

Options to meet your patient needs and expectations

Permanent plugs are manufactured from soft silicone in a single mold design, our plugs feature a low-profile cap design that virtually eliminates foreign-body sensation:

  • Flexibility of cap design facilitates easy removal with jeweler’s forceps, if necessary
  • Individually packaged and preloaded on a sterile, disposable inserter / dilator

Absorbable plugs are available in short term dissolving collagen from 0.2mm to 0.4mm diameter and extended wear PCL materials from 0.2mm to 0.5mm diameter to assist with short and midterm needs like allergies and post-op recovery.

  • Indicated for use in the treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome and the dry eye components of various ocular surface diseases
  • May be used after ocular surgery to prevent dry eye related complications
  • Ideal for Post-Op dry eye management of LASIK patients
  • Treatment option for seasonal allergy patients experiencing dry eye symptoms
  • May be beneficial for contact lens patients experiencing dry eye related symptoms
  • Manufactured from E-Caprolactone-L-Lactide copolymer (PCL)

Essentially absorbed within 2-6 months (60-180 days)

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