Surgical Blade Tips
(Wire Stock)

For geometries that

demand precision and finesse

With Caliber Ophthalmics, assembling your own cataract knife can be a highly cost-effective solution. Our world-class microsurgical blade tips are labeled for single-use and made from vacuum-purified, double-melt hardened and tempered stainless steel. Our manufacturing technology produces the uniform strength and ductility that’s critical to creating a smooth and well-controlled incision.

Our cataract solutions range from custom-designed solutions for your individual needs as well as a wide selection of existing designs and configurations. These include:

The Infinite Edge Technology 
The Infinite Edge Technology non-grinding sharpening process begins by obtaining a high-quality stainless steel that is hardened and tempered to a uniform tensile strength and toughness. This process produces a structure that can be finished to ensure a consistently sharp, precise cutting edge.

Infinite Consistency
Infinite Edge technology virtually assures that the 1,000th blade or needle is as sharp and dimensionally consistent as the first. The process to form the various configurations utilizes high-purity carbon tools that produce a consistent product dimension. These precision tools are relatively wear-free compared to the continued variations experienced in using traditional grinding manufacturing methods. Infinite Edge technology for automated manufacturing minimizes operator handling to produce unparalleled consistency.

Infinite Sharpness
Infinite Edge technology offers unlimited geometric shapes not readily achievable with traditional manufacturing methods used to fabricate most steel and diamond incision products. These endless shape geometries are attained with optimal thinness and under strict tolerances.


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